Today is a big day for Apeks. We can finally announce our 5th player in our CS:GO-roster – and it’s Joakim «Jkaem» Myrbostad.

We signed Joakim from 100 Thieves, and he has signed a three-year deal which extends out the year 2023. He will be moving home to Norway as soon as possible, and will joining our roster at the Apeks headquarters in Oslo.

– I’ve had plans of coming back to Norway, sooner or later. I didn’t know when it would happen, but with the situation in 100 Thieves, my thoughts of coming home became clearer. Apeks came with an offer that I was happy with, and after giving it some thought, it was the right decision. The idea of contributing to help building the Norwegian esports scene became the deciding factor, says Myrbostad.

What’s the realistic goals with this lineup, and what can you contribute to the team?

– The goal must be to climb the world rankings and getting the chance to compete against the best teams in Europe. When we get there, the obvious goal is to fight all the way towards the top. One thing I can contribute with is a lot of routine. The last couple of seasons have been my best ever, so I am coming home to Norway with a lot of confidence and a high quality in what I deliver in-game, Myrbostad concludes.

Director of sports in Apeks, Anders Kjær, is delighted with this signing, and reflects a little around why Joakim was signed.

– One of our biggest ambitions has been to bring back Norwegian stars while they still have a lot to give in their careers. Joakim is a gigantic resource in many ways and will impact the team in a tremendously positive degree. We are also very happy to have signed Joakim for three years.

How will such a player affect the team?

– He will contribute with a very specific «know-how» around how to become the best, both as a team and as individual players. He has played with many different teams and players which has given him a lot of experience throughout his career. All that experience is extremely difficult and time consuming to acquire, and it’s something we´re hoping he will pass on to the others. I really believe this step will do gigantic things for us, but it will definitely take some time.

Joakim´s agent, Asgeir Kvalvik, is satisfied with the signing, and tell us a little about the size of the agreement.

– This transfer from 100 Thieves to Apeks is something we are very proud of in ULTI Agency, and it is without a doubt a milestone. There was a lot of interest surrounding Joakim when it became clear that he was open for transfers and there´s been a couple of hectic weeks with talks and negotiations with several world-class clubs. In the end, it was Joakim’s desire to come home to help lift Norwegian esports that became decisive. I think that everyone who cares about Norwegian esports will see this is a fantastic transfer. We are looking forward to following Apeks´ commitment moving forward with Joakim on the team. We have gotten many questions about the value of this 3-year agreement, but we will not comment on the specific value. I can say as much as there has never been any agreements close to this magnitude in the Norwegian esports scene before. Finally, I would like to congratulate Apeks on the signing, and thank you for a good collaboration in getting the agreement in place, says CEO of ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik.

This is a great signing for the club, and the CEO of Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen, tell us a bit about the future.

– This certainly gives an indication of how we are building the club for the future. We strive to be a recognized club nationally and internationally. With that being said we have to bring back the Norwegian pro´s who are abroad so they can help lift esports not only in Norway but also Norwegian esports internationally.

Will we see more big signings in the future?

– Nothing is impossible. We are constantly working
on opportunities that will help make us better as well as lift our teams to new heights. We signed Magnus “Hyper” earlier this year which means that we now have three national team players in FIFA. We are always looking for the best Norwegian players to join the teams we have.

Joakim joins the club with immediate effect but will not be playing tonight’s games in Telialigaen.