A update on our CS:GO roster

We have a couple of new updates regarding our Counter-Strike: GO roster. As we announced earlier Joakim «Jkaem» Myrbostad has signed a 3 year contract with us. Sander «Grus» Nordeide Iversen and coach Pål «Polly» Kammen have both signed new contracts – binding them to the club throughout 2021. Dennis «dennis» Edman and Ole «Marcelious» have signed a 6-month contract, starting 1. January 2021. Martin «Nasty» Garvik has signed a new part-time contract with the club throughout 2021.

– We picked up «Nasty» as an interesting prospect replacing «Akez» a few month’s back. When we were able to add «jkaem» to the roster our expectations of the team were heightened. We now see that this opportunity has been too much too soon for «Nasty». Martin is a stellar professional and has been disappointed in his own performances, he has also received a lot of hate. I think it’s extremely hard these days to come into the scene as a new player with the pressure that is put on new talents. Everyone started somewhere, I urge people to remember that, says Head of esports in Apeks, Anders Kjær.

Even though Garvik signs a new contract, he will, at the same time, be released from the main roster. Garvik will be one of our talents, that we hope to develop into a top player. We are looking to loan him out as a starting player in other team(s) during 2021.

– As some time has passed since we recruited a very untested «Nasty» a few months back, we have seen glimpses of what he can do, but feel the opportunity might have come a bit to soon for him to compete at this level. Therefore we want to let him develop in to a player who can compete at the big stage in the future, while we look for a player who has experience from the level we want to be at right now. We will now focus on finding a player with the right skills and experience to help us grow and take the next step. Hopefully we will see «Nasty» develop and make a name for himself in the top of CS with some more time to gain experience, states coach Pål «Polly» Kammen.

Kjær explains a bit more about this talent project in Apeks.

– We are glad to announce that Martin will be a CS:GO player talent here at Apeks for the coming year. We are going to work with him closely so he can reach his full potential. This potentially means loaning him out to other teams, on our cost, to allow him get the experience needed.

Garvik himself is very happy with the offer from the club – to be a part-time player in 2021.

– My time in Apeks has been really good, they are good people with a lot of ambitions. The chance they gave me meant a lot to me and my career, I definitely understand that they have to do changes with the roster after «jkaems» arrival. With him in the squad much more is expected and my time is just not right now. I really do understand that this is the best choice for the team and club right now. Of course it’s a bummer for me, but I can’t complain, no other player in Norway got the same chance as me as fast as me.

And adds:

– The fact that they are giving me this new opportunity to improve myself for a whole year is amazing, I really appreciate what they are doing and it means a lot to me. And I will make this my number one priority, you haven’t seen the last of me yet!

For the games moving forward, until we announce a new player – coach «Polly» will step in as the fifth. Starting tomorrow morning in Nine to Five at 09:00.