Meet the players

Press release 30.06.21

We have searched far and wide! And we are now ready to announce the five guys making up our Rebels team. Welcome to the Apeks family!

  • Steffen «Sly» Amundsen,
  • Ådne «Sense» Storås Fredriksen
  • Preben August «Trax» Jakin Martinsen
  • Even «Holand» Holand
  • Tobias «shyyne» Sæther

CEO Denise Anfinnsen says:

– Apeks Rebels is a long term project in which we are bringing five players together that have what it takes to become the best. They have the motivation and determination to bringing their skill set to the next level.

– Anders Kjær, our Head of esports, and coach «Zeves» have scouted and gone through the applications. This to see what talent we have in Norway which has resulted in these five extremely talented players. With the right team and resources they will become the best athletes they can be.

Going forward Apeks Rebels will have a goal oriented schedule, working towards having a Norwegian top team once again.

– Rebels will be playing Telialigaen for us as well as international tournaments in which the main team won’t be participating. As stated before this is a long term project where we want to bring Norwegian Counter-Strike back on the international map.

Head coach Morten «Zeves» Vollan is excited fo finally be able to announce the team and says:

– We dived deep into the talentpool to find a group of people that would work well with each other inside and outside of the game. All this aswell as being the best players in their respective roles. There was alot of criterias the players had to meet. My expectations to mention a few has to be work ethic and hunger. The sky is the limit with a good working mentality and hunger to become the best.

– The team is going to be built up with a philosophy that everyone could contribute equally in almost every role. There will be definitions, but not as it has been used in the past. In the current meta I want to educate everyone to become an IGL. When you reach that point of development you can achieve everything in your path.

This is just the beginning and the guys are as highly motivated as possible. Morten is ready for this next chapter and says:

– Right now we as a team are focusing on getting to know each other and thats why we currently are on a 10-day bootcamp in Oslo at Apeks’s facilities. We will also use our time to develop our map pool aswell as understanding of the game. As I mentioned above I want everyone to contribute equally on the IGL part and to reach that goal we need to work on the players game sense. Thats why we handpicked 5 rookies to play with each other so we in the coaching staff can develop the players in the right way.

Welcome «Marrentm»!

Press release 11.06.21

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our club, Marius «Marrentm» Skjeggestad. «Marrentm» is a well known Fortnite content creator, and will be joining our team as such. Welcome to the Apeks family, Marius!

CEO Denise Anfinnsen is excited for this next step in the development of Apeks.

– «Marrentm» being our first content creator is a look into the future, and how we are building Apeks! Marius is a great guy, and has developed his youtube channel over the years with great success. Together we are going to produce more and funnier Fortnite content!!

Marius is our first content creator but he won’t be our last. This is just the first step in building a whole new department. «Marrentm» is highly motivated to start working with the club. His ambition and drive will be of great value

– I decided to sign with Apeks because I believe we have the same drive to succeed. Having someone with the same mentality to work and grow with is something that is worth everything to me. In addition to that, seeing Apeks sign «IDrop», «Krizzii» and «Bloodx», who are three individuals I consider really close friends, made Apeks nothing short of a dream organization to join.

When asked about his goals for the future «Marrentm» said;

– My main goal for the future as of right now is reaching one million subscribers. It’s still far-fetched, but I can’t help dreaming about that massive milestone. Other than that I hope to remain hard working and humble moving forward.

Welcome, «AcilioN»!

Press release 04.06.21

Today we are happy to announce the signing of Asger «AcilioN» Larsen, a prominant Danish IGL. He will be with us all the way through 2022. Asger has already began working with the team, and will have his debut next week.

Asger is looking forward to play with his new teammates:

– I’m super excited to have joined Apeks. In my quest to find a new team I was looking for something where the club would be involved a lot in the progress of getting to the top. I think we have a really interesting lineup with a good mix of everything – Now it’s just up to us to work hard and get stuff done and then I have no doubt in my mind that everyone will see more of us.

Coach Pål «Polly» Kammen is happy with the new signing and explaining how the roles will rotate in the team.

– We have chosen to sign «AcilioN» because he is an experienced captain and in-game leader. This means that «dennis» will get to focus on the things he does best, and the roles in the team will be much more natural. This means every player will get to play positions and roles they are comfortable with and perform the best in. Long term this will be a very valuable signing for us and push us in the right direction.

Following this signing Rasmus «kreaz» Johansson will be released from the club when his contract ends in late June. The reason kreaz is removed is simply to make the roles add up.

– In order for us to bring in an experienced IGL we naturally have to let go of a player aswell, and this time that is «kreaz». This move has been in the works for quite some time, and «kreaz» has been nothing but professional during a difficult time knowing a change is happening aswell as «FREDDyFROGs» injury. I sincerly hope he finds a new team quickly which is a good fit and lets him play to his full potential, says coach Kammen.

We wish you all the best in the future, Rasmus! Thanks a lot for your time in our club.