Welcome «djL»

Press release 3.7.21

Today we have the great pleasure to announce our newest addition to the CS:GO team. Daniel «djL» Narancic has gone from coaching Copenhagen Flames to join our Apeks family.


This means that we are entering a new CS:GO season with a reinforced coaching team. Head of Esports Anders Kjær is excited to see the impact of a bigger coaching team.

– It will be very interesting to have a bigger coaching staff behind our CS:GO team. Im super confident it will be a big step towards the results we want. Looking forward to se what Daniel will contribute to the team, but I can already see great signs from him.

Head coach Pål «Polly» Kammen says;

– I am really excited to get to work with «djL»! Having two coaches will allow us to use more time and resources on each individual player and will hopefully result in faster and beter development for us both as a team and the players individually.

Going into a new period with two coaches to will be a transition, but Polly is positive and welcome to the new change.

– Being two coaches is new for us, so we will need som time to adjust to how we want to spend our time most efficiently. Having gotten to know Daniel over the last few weeks, I am positive we will be able to work very well together and use each others strengths and help each other when needed.