Say hello to; «zEVES»!

Press release 13.04.21

In light of announcing Apeks Rebels, we are quite happy to announce our head coach and player developer for this project – Morten «zEVES» Vollan! Vollan brings in a lot of experience, both as a player and coach. Having previously played in teams such as LGB, Norse and Nordavind. He has recently been head coach for X6tence, and an expert commentator for TV 2 e-sport.

– It is a dream for me to sign for Apeks and work as a coach and player developer within the Norwegian scene. My passion has always been to work with Norwegian players and help them thrive and blossom. The amount of talent is endless in the scene, but the problem has always been lack of experienced coaches to help players evolve. That´s more or less why the scene has been stagnant for such a long time with just a handful making it into the professional scene, says Vollan himself.

CEO Denise Anfinnsen is happy with the new addition to the club.

–Morten has always been a strong personality within Norwegian CS:GO. With many merits behind him he was a natural choice when it comes to being a coach and player developer for this venture. Morten has a lot of experience and is looked up to by many young and talented players who are out there now. He has an enormous amount of knowledge that he can pass on and teach the players who will be a part of this venture, says CEO of Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen.

Vollan explains why it feels a bit odd to sign for Apeks – considering we’ve been rivals for years.

– I have signed with Apeks because it is Norway’s biggest club, and they strive to become the best. Personally, it’s weird for me to sign for Apeks since they have always been my biggest rival in the past many years now. It was always a love and hate fixture but in the last years Apeks have knocked Nordavind down from their thrown and the rivalry has faded. However, I am really looking forward to writing a new story under a new chapter with the club. After several meetings with the management, I was sure that this was the right choice for me as everyone shares the same vision and ambition.

Vollan has already started working on Apeks Rebels, and for the time beeing he is working on recruiting new talent.

– I am signing for Apeks to make a difference in the Norwegian scene and in my own view this is the only club in Norway that has the will and the right values and morale to make it happen. The goal in the near future is to observe and analyze the possible players for the starting lineup and develop these into top athletes. This project is long term, and the plan is to build a Norwegian team that in the long run can play alongside the very best within the international scene. It will take some time to find the right pieces, but I am sure with good research and the facilities this club has it will not be a problem.

» You can search to be our next talent here! «

Announcement: Apeks Rebels

Press release 11.04.2021.

We are excited and happy to announce our new project in Apeks – Apeks Rebels! This is an academy project starting with CS:GO. We want to help players become better, but we also want be a part of player development in Norway. We are going all in on this project, with a full-time coach as well as a whole team of people around the Rebels.

– An academy team has been part of the Apeks identity since Kingpins’ time. When we chose to close it down in the fall of 2019 it was with a heavy heart. At the time we did not have the time nor the resources to give an academy team the attention it needs to grow the team or the players into something great. Finally, the pieces have fallen into place and we are again able to put an academy team to life. It is incredibly fun to be able to get started with this project again that is close to all of our hearts. Our goal is to develop the future stars in CS:GO, says CEO in Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen.

Apeks Rebels will be the start of a power team featuring talent from Norway.

– Our focus will be on developing the greatest talents within Norwegian Counter-Strike, this so that we in the future are able to build a Norwegian power team! It can take a year, or it can take three but with dedicated and targeted work over time we believe we will get there, says Head of esports, Anders Kjær.

With Apeks Rebels close around the corner, we are now searching for potential players. Some will be headhunted in, and some will be picked through open applications found on our website.

– In terms of players, we are looking for talents who are mechanically good and have an understanding of the game. They have to be eager to learn more and have high ambitions. We will of course have fun in the process, but players have to be prepared to be top performance athletes with all that entails. This so that we are able to get the players to the level we need them to be at to succeed internationally, Anders points out.

We wish every applicant good luck!


Introducing Fortnite

In the last couple of days we have been teasing a new announcement in Apeks’s social media. Yesterday we told our followers that our new investment is going into Fortnite. This is an exciting day for us – moving in to a new title. Today we can finally announce our 2 new signings. We have signed Miran «IDrop» Tavakolzadeh as a player and Erik «Bloodx» Guttormsen as the head coach.

Tavakolzadeh is excited for the future after signing with Apeks.

– I am excited to work with Apeks! I think it look’s like a good club with a lot of potential and a bright future. They also have a Norwegian headquarter which makes it easier to work with them. My goal for this year is to work hard and prove that I am one of the best. I think these goals will be easier to achieve with a good foundation that Apeks can provide.

Guttormsen, a well known Norwegian player, is moving in to a coach role in Apeks.

– I’ve always wanted to pursue a career within esports and gaming. There’s been a special drive from within when I play games, always craving to be the best and improve as much as I can. Over the time course of 15 years in the scene I’ve experienced alot and I really want to help new talent build off of my experience, and help create superstars for the future. Teaching has always been something I love to do. I love to see players improve and understand what gaming is really about. Gaming is much more than just pressing your keys.

Moving from player to a coach role can be tough for alot of people. Guttormsen is happy to take a new step in esports.

– When Apeks came to me at first I hadn’t completely decided what I wanted to do, since I still was competing. A couple of days after the initial contact I realized that the time has come for me to begin the next chapter. I have obviously, as most know, been coaching and mentoring players all along. Now, however, I’m going all in and I can’t wait to show everyone what we can do and will do together with Apeks in 2021. I don’t really set goals for myself or player’s because I don’t like dealing with self applied pressure, as most human’s dont cope very good with pressure. However, I do think a FNCS win is possible in 2021. The most important factor is to improve every single day, and never stop improving.

Head of Esports, Anders Kjær, explaining why Apeks is moving into Fortnite.

– We are going into Fortnite now because there is a great Norwegian scene and fantastic players to work with. The timing also specifically has to do with FNC’s announcing trio’s will be the tournament structure for an entire year. For us, that means we can plan and work towards something over time, and with hard work we believe we can have success. The biggest part about Apeks going into Fortnite is the acquisition of Bloodx. Having a world class coach to be the pillar in our venture in Fortnite is the key factor that will make this work. He knows what he is doing, and has proven with serveral players he has coached to the top that he can get the players to perform at a high level.

Apeks x Hummel

Today we can finally announce our new partner in Apeks. We join forces with Hummel, one of the best sportswear company in the world – if not the best! We wish them a warm welcome, and we’re looking forward to wear fresh clothes from Hummel. We have signed a three year deal – starting from today.

– We are very excited in welcoming Hummel as our clothing partner for the next three years. Essentially this means that we have a long-term agreement for Apeks in regard to dressing up the whole team as well as we are working on designs for our fans. With Hummel we are able to put our brand to life and work closely with a partner in making our vision for how we want our teams to be presented and showcased for the world. Hummel has knowledge of how fast the esports scene is growing and will be a hands in partner in helping Apeks reach it’s goals both short and long term, as well as professionalizing the team with it’s history within sportswear, says CEO in Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen.

Anders Mårdalen, Head of Sales and Marketing – AssistCo, is happy to go into this partnership with Apeks.
– We are very pleased to partner up with Apeks. Hopefully, this is the start of a long relationship and aim for this to be of great value to both parties in years to come. Esports is developing and progressing rapidly, and already has a huge following throughout the world, and we want to be part of the family. We simply love the ambition shown by Apeks as an organization, and very much look forward to developing this relationship. We want to contribute strengthening the Apeks brand and identity, with great products and performance. We have great expectations and ambitions for the immediate and long-term future together with Apeks.

About Hummel
Founded in 1923, Hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots within sports. Hummel is one of the oldest, most dedicated team sports brands in the business and the iconic chevrons have always worked as a symbol of how they like to do things a little differently – always with a twist and (a whole lot of) character! Values that apply to the company’s numerous sponsorships around the world.
Hummel is determined to «CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT». The better at managing and developing hummel as a business, the more resources allocated to creating positive change.
For Hummel, sport is more than physical activity. It’s a universal language with the strength to eliminate differences in politics, culture, religion, and beliefs.
Throughout the years, Hummel has supported several projects, teams, sports clubs and prominent figures focusing on changing the world through sport; always with the hope to build bridges and help pave the way for a better tomorrow.
Hummel loves all sports, and all those passionate people out there who dare to lead the way for a great cause. Ultimately, Hummel is proud to use sport as a way to change the world for the better and to make the world a more tolerant place for all of us to live.

Player switch in PUBG

Today we’re gonna make a change in our PUBG team. Levi «Ivel» Haakenstad Sørensen is moved to the bench, and Aleksander «TekkerZ» Handeland is taking his position. He previously played with GameFraym.

– After a long period of varied results and stagnating growth, we have decided to make a change in our team dynamic. We felt the team had reached it’s potential with our current roster and sought out room for where we could improve, says coach Simen «Bobbotolf» Tveten.

Handeland is taking a position on the team with immediate effect. His debut will be PSL Elisa Esports PUBG Winter Challenge – where we are one of the invited teams. Starting on monday 18. January.

– «TekkerZ» was the first name everyone on the team had in mind. We have been friendly for years in the Norwegian community, and we’ve watched him grow to become a great player. It was certain he could bring a lot of game knowledge, great skill and enthusiasm to our team.

The current roster looks like this:
* Simen «Bobbotolf» Tveten (Coach)
* Erik «Simsy» Gravrok
* Sturla «IntenZ» Hoberg
* Jonas «C4LVIN» Sørvik
* Aleksander «TekkerZ» Handeland
* Levi «Ivel» Sørensen (bench)

A update on our CS:GO roster

We have a couple of new updates regarding our Counter-Strike: GO roster. As we announced earlier Joakim «Jkaem» Myrbostad has signed a 3 year contract with us. Sander «Grus» Nordeide Iversen and coach Pål «Polly» Kammen have both signed new contracts – binding them to the club throughout 2021. Dennis «dennis» Edman and Ole «Marcelious» have signed a 6-month contract, starting 1. January 2021. Martin «Nasty» Garvik has signed a new part-time contract with the club throughout 2021.

– We picked up «Nasty» as an interesting prospect replacing «Akez» a few month’s back. When we were able to add «jkaem» to the roster our expectations of the team were heightened. We now see that this opportunity has been too much too soon for «Nasty». Martin is a stellar professional and has been disappointed in his own performances, he has also received a lot of hate. I think it’s extremely hard these days to come into the scene as a new player with the pressure that is put on new talents. Everyone started somewhere, I urge people to remember that, says Head of esports in Apeks, Anders Kjær.

Even though Garvik signs a new contract, he will, at the same time, be released from the main roster. Garvik will be one of our talents, that we hope to develop into a top player. We are looking to loan him out as a starting player in other team(s) during 2021.

– As some time has passed since we recruited a very untested «Nasty» a few months back, we have seen glimpses of what he can do, but feel the opportunity might have come a bit to soon for him to compete at this level. Therefore we want to let him develop in to a player who can compete at the big stage in the future, while we look for a player who has experience from the level we want to be at right now. We will now focus on finding a player with the right skills and experience to help us grow and take the next step. Hopefully we will see «Nasty» develop and make a name for himself in the top of CS with some more time to gain experience, states coach Pål «Polly» Kammen.

Kjær explains a bit more about this talent project in Apeks.

– We are glad to announce that Martin will be a CS:GO player talent here at Apeks for the coming year. We are going to work with him closely so he can reach his full potential. This potentially means loaning him out to other teams, on our cost, to allow him get the experience needed.

Garvik himself is very happy with the offer from the club – to be a part-time player in 2021.

– My time in Apeks has been really good, they are good people with a lot of ambitions. The chance they gave me meant a lot to me and my career, I definitely understand that they have to do changes with the roster after «jkaems» arrival. With him in the squad much more is expected and my time is just not right now. I really do understand that this is the best choice for the team and club right now. Of course it’s a bummer for me, but I can’t complain, no other player in Norway got the same chance as me as fast as me.

And adds:

– The fact that they are giving me this new opportunity to improve myself for a whole year is amazing, I really appreciate what they are doing and it means a lot to me. And I will make this my number one priority, you haven’t seen the last of me yet!

For the games moving forward, until we announce a new player – coach «Polly» will step in as the fifth. Starting tomorrow morning in Nine to Five at 09:00.


Today is a big day for Apeks. We can finally announce our 5th player in our CS:GO-roster – and it’s Joakim «Jkaem» Myrbostad.

We signed Joakim from 100 Thieves, and he has signed a three-year deal which extends out the year 2023. He will be moving home to Norway as soon as possible, and will joining our roster at the Apeks headquarters in Oslo.

– I’ve had plans of coming back to Norway, sooner or later. I didn’t know when it would happen, but with the situation in 100 Thieves, my thoughts of coming home became clearer. Apeks came with an offer that I was happy with, and after giving it some thought, it was the right decision. The idea of contributing to help building the Norwegian esports scene became the deciding factor, says Myrbostad.

What’s the realistic goals with this lineup, and what can you contribute to the team?

– The goal must be to climb the world rankings and getting the chance to compete against the best teams in Europe. When we get there, the obvious goal is to fight all the way towards the top. One thing I can contribute with is a lot of routine. The last couple of seasons have been my best ever, so I am coming home to Norway with a lot of confidence and a high quality in what I deliver in-game, Myrbostad concludes.

Director of sports in Apeks, Anders Kjær, is delighted with this signing, and reflects a little around why Joakim was signed.

– One of our biggest ambitions has been to bring back Norwegian stars while they still have a lot to give in their careers. Joakim is a gigantic resource in many ways and will impact the team in a tremendously positive degree. We are also very happy to have signed Joakim for three years.

How will such a player affect the team?

– He will contribute with a very specific «know-how» around how to become the best, both as a team and as individual players. He has played with many different teams and players which has given him a lot of experience throughout his career. All that experience is extremely difficult and time consuming to acquire, and it’s something we´re hoping he will pass on to the others. I really believe this step will do gigantic things for us, but it will definitely take some time.

Joakim´s agent, Asgeir Kvalvik, is satisfied with the signing, and tell us a little about the size of the agreement.

– This transfer from 100 Thieves to Apeks is something we are very proud of in ULTI Agency, and it is without a doubt a milestone. There was a lot of interest surrounding Joakim when it became clear that he was open for transfers and there´s been a couple of hectic weeks with talks and negotiations with several world-class clubs. In the end, it was Joakim’s desire to come home to help lift Norwegian esports that became decisive. I think that everyone who cares about Norwegian esports will see this is a fantastic transfer. We are looking forward to following Apeks´ commitment moving forward with Joakim on the team. We have gotten many questions about the value of this 3-year agreement, but we will not comment on the specific value. I can say as much as there has never been any agreements close to this magnitude in the Norwegian esports scene before. Finally, I would like to congratulate Apeks on the signing, and thank you for a good collaboration in getting the agreement in place, says CEO of ULTI Agency, Asgeir Kvalvik.

This is a great signing for the club, and the CEO of Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen, tell us a bit about the future.

– This certainly gives an indication of how we are building the club for the future. We strive to be a recognized club nationally and internationally. With that being said we have to bring back the Norwegian pro´s who are abroad so they can help lift esports not only in Norway but also Norwegian esports internationally.

Will we see more big signings in the future?

– Nothing is impossible. We are constantly working
on opportunities that will help make us better as well as lift our teams to new heights. We signed Magnus “Hyper” earlier this year which means that we now have three national team players in FIFA. We are always looking for the best Norwegian players to join the teams we have.

Joakim joins the club with immediate effect but will not be playing tonight’s games in Telialigaen.

Velkommen, «Nasty» (english below)

I dag har vi gleden av å annonsere vår nye spiller i Counter-Strike: GO-laget – nemlig Martin «Nasty» Garvik. Garvik er hentet fra 777 Esports og vil fungere som femtemann i laget med umiddelbar virkning. Debuten til Garvik blir i Telialigaen mot Nordavind.

– Det å signere for Apeks er sykt stort for meg. Jeg ser på dette som en gylden mulighet for min egen del og jeg setter stor pris på muligheten. Gleder meg kjempemasse til å spille med de «større» gutta i Norge, og bare bli best sammen. Det blir helt nytt for meg å gjøre dette på fulltid, men det kribler i magen når jeg tenker på det. Når det er sagt forlater jeg en fin gjeng i 777 og blir å savne de masse. Ønsker alle i gamleklubben masse lykke til i framtiden, forteller Garvik.

Hvorfor har vi valgt å signere akkurat Martin «Nasty» Garvik?

– Martin signeres fordi han har vist et enormt individuelt potensiale, samtidig som han er en veldig positiv og bra fyr å samarbeide med. Mer enn noe annet er det viktig for oss i Apeks at alle i laget bidrar positivt til kulturen og stemningen internt. Derfor har vi valgt å hente Martin. Det er også kult å nok engang hente et nytt talent som vi ønsker å videreutvikle. Tror han kommer til å imponere mange, forteller sportslig leder, Anders Kjær.

Garvik har signert en kontrakt ut året.

– Martin har signert en fulltidskontrakt ut året. Han kommer ikke til å flytte til Oslo før eventuelt på nyåret om han blir med videre. For hans del blir dette en slags prøvetid for å se om han tar stegene som trengs for å være med på den internasjonale reisen vi ønsker å ta, forklarer Kjær.

Spilleren kommer til Apeks fra 777 med umiddelbar virkning.

– Martin er kjøpt fra 777, men vi går ikke ut med noen kjøpesum. Det vi kan si er at det er en symbolsk sum, og at dette er et ledd for å profesjonalisere bransjen i Norge og for å skape gode samarbeid mellom klubbene i Norge. Vi er i alle fall svært fornøyde med hvordan 777 har opptrådt i denne overgangssituasjonen, forklarer daglig leder i Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen.


Welcome, «Nasty»

Today we are happy to announce the signing of our new CS:GO player Martin «Nasty» Garvik. Garvik has been transferred from 777 Esports to us as his buyout clause was met. He will go straight into our lineup with his debut coming as early as tomorrow against Nordavind in Telialigaen at 19:00.

– Signing for Apeks is a huge deal for me. To me this is a golden opportunity to show what I got and I appreciate getting this chance a lot. I’m looking forward to playing with some of the best players in Norway, and becoming the best together. Being a fulltime CS:GO player is a completely new thing to me, and I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. With that said, I’m leaving a great gang in 777 behind and I will miss them alot. I wish them all good luck in the future, says Garvik.

Why did we sign Martin “Nasty” Garvik?

– We picked up Martin because he has shown an incredible individual talent for the game, but just as much he is a great guy and a superb teammate. More than anything we in Apeks value team chemistry and positivity, and every player needs to contribute to this culture in the team. We believe that to achieve greatness, we must build an environment that supports it. That is why we picked up Martin. It is also always great to pick up a new talented player that we can develop, to see how far we can go. He will probably impress a lot of people, says sports director Anders Kjær.

Garvik has signed a deal that lasts throughout the year.

– Martin has signed a full time contract with us for the reminder of the year. He will not move to Oslo as of now, as 3 months is obviously too short to make such a leap. If he stays with us in the new year, it is expected that he would move. For his part this is a sort of trial period to see if he takes the necessary steps to become a solid player at the level we want to compete at, Kjær explains.

Nasty is transferred from 777 to Apeks with immediate effect.

– Martin is transferred from 777 after his buyout was met. We can say that this was a symbolic sum, and this is a step to professionalize the esports industry in Norway, and create a good cooperation between the Norwegian clubs. We are very please with how 777 has behaved in this transition, explains CEO of Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen.

Vi signerer Magnus «Hyper» Myhrhaug Kristiansen (english below)

Selv i sommerferien stopper ikke arbeidet. I dag kan vi annonsere vårt ferskeste tilskudd til klubben – nemlig Magnus «Hyper» Myhrhaug Kristiansen! En av Norges beste FIFA-spillere, med mye på merittlistene. Regjerende Norgesmester og tidligere vinner av eSerien. Kristiansen har også deltatt på flere utenlandske turneringer.

Myrhaug Kristiansen signerer en kontrakt ut neste FIFA21-sesong.

– Først og fremst så virker Apeks som en utrolig fin klubb. Dette gjelder både når det kommer til opptreden og det sosiale. Dette var en av de mange grunnene til at jeg signerte. Det jeg gleder meg mest til er samarbeidet jeg kommer til å ha med Andreas og Anders i den kommende FIFA-sesongen. Jeg håper jo også så klart å komme meg til flere utenlandske arrangement, og målet mitt blir playoffs og forhåpentligvis et VM-sluttspill. Jeg har troa, forteller spilleren selv.

Myrhaug Kristiansen blir lagkamerat med våre to andre profiler, Andreas «Netsix» Bakken og Anders «Rasmussen» Rasmussen. En dødelig trio. Bakken gleder seg til framtiden.

– Jeg synes det er utrolig kult at Magnus har signert for Apeks! Vi kjenner hverandre godt fra landslagssamlinger, og det er ingen tvil om at han både er en strålende FIFA-spiller og en fantastisk person. Jeg gleder meg til å komme igang og jobbe sammen som lagkamerater og vet at vi kan lære mye av hverandre og pushe hverandre til nye høyder.

Sportslig leder, Anders Kjær, gleder seg over signeringen og forteller om at det blir spennende med tre FIFA-spillere.

– Det er virkelig spennende tider for oss i Apeks. Dette er en stor signering for oss, da Magnus har helt klart vært Norges beste FIFA spiller. Vi ønsker å hjelpe han til nye høyder, samtidig som vi får en veldig interessant og spennende dynamikk med tre FIFA-spillere. Jeg tror de kan være med å løfte nivået til hverandre. Det blir veldig morsomt å følge utviklingen til alle tre nå i FIFA 21!


A new signing – Magnus «Hyper» Myrhaug Kristiansen

Even during the holidays the work doesn’t stop. Today we can announce our latest addition to the club – Magnus «Hyper» Myrhaug Kristiansen. One of the best FIFA players in Norway. Norwegian champion, previous winner of eSerien and alot of participations in several international tournaments.

Myrhaug Kristiansen has signed a contract for the FIFA 21 year.

– First and foremost, Apeks seems like an incredibly nice club. This applies both when it comes to performance and the social. This was one of the many reasons I signed for the club. I am looking forward to the collaboration with Andreas and Anders in the upcoming FIFA season. I hope to qualify to more international events, and my goal is the reach the World Cup plaoyffs.
This will be a blast, says the player himself.

Myrhaug Kristiansen will team up with two other big FIFA profiles in Apeks – Andreas «Netsix» Bakken and Anders «Rasmussen» Rasmussen. A deadly trio. The captain, Bakken, is looking forward for the future.

– I think it’s incredibly cool that Magnus has signed with Apeks. We know each other well from the Norwegian national team, and there is no dobut that he is both a brilliant FIFA player and a wonderful person. I look forward to getting started and working togheter as teammates. I know we can learn alot from each other and push each other to new heights.

Sports director, Anders Kjær, is looking forward to the signing and says that it will be exciting with three FIFA players.

– It’s exciting times for us in Apeks. This is a great signing, since Magnus is the best FIFA player in Norway. We want to help him to new heights, at the same time it’s interesting and exciting with three FIFA players. I think they will raise the level of each other. It will be fun to follow the developlent for all three players in FIFA21.

«dennis» signerer ut 2020

Pressemelding 15.06.20

Etter en lengre prøvetid så har vi valgt å signere Dennis «dennis» Edman som femtemann. Edman har tidligere spilt for lag som Fnatic, GODSENT og Ninjas in Pyjamas. En svenske med mye erfaring.

– Jeg valde Apeks då det finns mycket potential i laget. Hungriga spelare som funkar superbra tilsammans och stämningen är guld när man spelar. Jeg har haft flera lag i både Counter-Strike og Valorant som varit intresserade. Valet stod ganska självklart då jeg inte bara har bra spelare, kan även prata svenska/norska vilkat är super, forteller nysignerte Dennis Edman.

Edman er en stor profil som kommer inn i klubben. Han har kontrakt ut 2020.

– Vi har valgt å signere Dennis fordi han tilfører enormt viktig erfaring inn i laget, samt at han virker sulten på å fortsatt prestere. Det er klart at for oss er dette en enorm signering da han er en stor profil å få inn, forklarer sportslig leder i Apeks, Anders Kjær.

Prosessen rundt signeringen har vært smertefri.

– Jeg tok kontakt med «dennis» for å høre om han var interessert i å spille Elisa-kvalifiseringen med oss. Det ville han. Etterhvert har vi sett at han er en spiller vi ville ha med videre. Denise og jeg har hatt god dialog med «dennis» samt hans agent og jobbet frem en løsning vi alle er fornøyde med. Dette er en stor dag for norsk CS. Jeg er personlig veldig fornøyd med satsingen Denise og Ole (red.amn. daglig leder og styreleder) legger tilrette for, som gir oss muligheten til å signere spillere som «dennis».

Daglig leder i Apeks, Denise Anfinnsen, gleder seg over signeringen og håper at laget vil ha en stigende progresjon videre.

– Det er helt klart at vi vil se en progresjon i resultater, men med en ny line-up så tar det tid å spille seg varme. Det vil være en del stang ut, men forventningen er en oppovergående kurve. Helt konkrete mål holder vi på å sette i disse dager i dialog med laget og trener ettersom de har fått spilt sammen i en måneds tid nå.

«dennis» vil ha sin offisielle debut, som fullverdig Apeks spiller, i dag klokken 15:00 i Cybercup og litt senere på dagen.