Pål Kammen


Pål Kammen


Ble hentet til klubben i februar etter en prøvetid i januar. Lagets største stjerne på papiret med en historie fra lag som LGB, H2k Gaming og London Conspiracy. Han er en viktig brikke i laget med sin rutine og ro. Er også en viktig mentor for våre yngre spillere. Har kontrakt ut 2019.


Winner of @telialigaen_ again! This marks the end of my shortlived comeback as a player😅🥳 Back to coaching and helping the boys take the next step tomorrow. GG’s @Marceliouscsgo @truthcsgo_ @GrusCSGO @akEzCS @apeksgg

We go out 2-0 against a well playing @BIGCLANgg in HomeSweetHome :( Felt like we should have had a close game on Overpass, but on dust2 we were outclassed. GG

After a great day yesterday, we didn`t show up today and go 0-3 in Blast Rising, luckily we have the opportunity to get revenge next week! GG`s

We go through to the playoffs in HomeSweetHome cup after a veeery long day😅 Felt good to get revenge over @virtuspro after the game earlier today!💪 gg’s and gj boys! @GrusCSGO @truthcsgo_ @Marceliouscsgo @akEzCS @denniscsgod @apeksgg

Fall short to @ENCE in the final game of the day, but still through to the playoffs! After a rough start today we play much better towards the end, so hopefully we can bring that into playoffs this weekend! gg`s to @GODSENTgg and @dignitas aswell